My grandad served in WW2 in Naples for over 7 years with with only a weeks compassionate leave at home when one of his sisters died.

Anthony Scott

This is how most of my ideas start, with a thread. OAH was a thread from my Grandad and it connected to another thread I had from a delightful village that is near to me called Ashover. The rest of the book then joined this to make a huge web of intrigue!

Over my life I have spent so much time musing over things that have meant something to me and to date most of this was replayed in the 2 bands I was in, Wide Eyed Wonder in the 90’s and latterly Polaroyd.

However about 15 years ago I started to play with writing, a few poems, keeping more serious journals and starting a book. My first 2 books remain in the locker needing much work but 8 years ago ‘On Ashover Hill’ was born and I found it took me over. I still walk in places named in the book and I am walking there with characters that I have created. They mean that much to me.

Books for me are like babies. They are born and they take time to nurture. I am thrilled that OAH came out and had such an effect on so many of you. 

I am now very excited to release ‘The Birthday Gift.’ The book begins with a Grandad and the link to ‘On Ashover Hill’ is made right away. However unlike that book which covered 103 years, ‘The Birthday Gift’ action takes place in under a year. It has the same hallmarks as my first published book of a story written in fact and added to by my fiction. There’s also a link to a recent Hollywood blockbuster which amazed me when I saw it. I hope you enjoy it as much as ‘On Ashover Hill.’ Let me know!

I have 2 ideas on the go for my next project and will let you know when I have decided which way to go. 

Sharing my words with you in a more direct form through the web site is a real pleasure for me and in particular the journal and the blip mean a lot to me.

Thankyou so much for dropping by.