Abbey Road

10 Albums that changed my life

Abbey Road by The Beatles

My tenth and final choice is the last actually recorded album by The Beatles. In truth they were falling apart and yet produced, with the legendary George Martin again firmly in the hot seat, this masterpiece. It is without doubt a breathless piece of work culminating in 8 songs blended into a suite of beauty by McCartney & Martin.

The backdrop to the album is not a pretty one and I can’t imagine how they continued to work together with Lennon at his caustic worst and the dogmatic McCartney at the opposite end of the table with everyone else involved in the middle.

And yet…

This album has “Here Comes the Sun” & “Something.” With Lennon & McCartney at war is it an accident that these two beautiful pieces by George appear on this record? They are two of The Beatles finest records and most covered pieces.

It is viewed by many as the best record the band produced.

The three piece harmonies by McCartney, Lennon & Harrison here are as good as they ever recorded.

The newer recording methods were used to great effect.

And the album finish is arguably the best piece of writing to finish a record ever.

Not bad for a band at war.

In truth Abbey Road is an album that wears its heart on its sleeve. The tensions, upsets, hopes and dreams of all that had gone before and all that they hoped for are right here in the tunes. It was the end and McCartney & Lennon knew this. They would have already begun thinking towards their new careers, Macca excited about finally getting back on the road, Lennon thrilled to be his own man.

As a final hurrah to the most famous band ever, it’s incredible stuff and I have always loved it.


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