A Year of Marvellous Ways

I’m reading a book called ‘A Year of Marvellous Ways’ by Sarah Winman. It’s magical prose have weaved their notes into my thirsty brain as I try to take in the dreamscape that the book creates. To write, to create a world in which characters come and go, seasons pass and erstwhile lovers seek to find their way to the shore; well this is rare literature indeed and highly recommended. 

I’m not sure why I write, why words need to fall out of me as easily as rain from a dark Spring sky; but I know I have to. For awhile now I have not been writing books due in part to the total lack of brain space for anything wider than a blog. I am fully aware that this is an excuse as to deny this truth would be to say I had the time to write the two books that are now published. Somehow though I have been in a season of writing this more stacatto of words, a shorter rhythm for those who drop by to read. 

Rhythm is everything. That’s as true to writing as to anything in life. I’ve just had a week away and each day I started the waking hour with a 5Km run. This is unusual for me being something I have never before done in my whole life i.e. wake up & run. To the do it 7 days running was kind of odd but, in keeping with this marvellous book I’m reading, it just made perfect sense. That’s what magic is: the falling in to a happening of matters that just present themselves and you fly with it. If someone had said to me that I would run like I have this week, consistently and at such an early hour, I would have scoffed, but I too can be a fool. To live our lives, TO TRULY LIVE, surely we have to dance absolutely in the rain don’t we? 

Think about your choice of music. What is it and how varied is it? When did you last take a chance and venture into a room you had not visited before? Most musical genres have some gold waiting for your ears. Seek it out. 

What about what you read? Is it just the team sheets on TV prior to the next Premiership game? When did you last visit Shakespeare or Faulkes, Proust or Dunmore? 

Your holidays, your clothes, your choice of drink, cigar or colour of pants! Reach out and extend yourself and let the warning tonic of novelty just maybe turn into a new part of your day. 

A book about Marvellous Ways and Francis Drake just might be a bridge too far for you, but for me this book has been like eating the freshest of honey on the newest of baked bread. Simply sumptuous. 

A X 

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