A slice of lime

Morning Campers. Mother. Imagine a gin & tonic without a slice of your favourite addition. It would be like Morecambe without Wise, Dads without Army! I was thinking this through this morning when considering how sometimes life can become too plain, too monocolour, because something heavy is too dominant. Think a room that is just too dark or a photo too dull. In short the addition of lime is essential!

Seeing some amusing pals last night was a good start, dear people who open up their home at the drop of a hat, are generous, kind and alive with gratitude. It’s hard not to be picked up by such salubrious vigour. Their splash of colour into my life was the addition of lime to my bathtub gin & fevertree tonic. 

Then later we met a couple with their lovely four year old boy. The same age as Flo and yet could have been half her age. He had been born with a heart defect and the treatment, whilst working, has left him having to cope with all sorts of issues. His parents glowed with love for the little fella. They understood perfectly the appreciation of what you’ve got. It was humbling and beautiful to see, to experience. 

I wonder if it’s too easy to forget what you’ve got when it lies so easily in your lap? When the threat of it being pulled from your grasp is so clear, is that when you realise how much it means to you and you truly appreciate it? We deserve more than this don’t we. That’s my starter for ten today, to try and understand all I have got and be grateful, both the good and to see the good in the bad. Where there is bad, I just need to add lime! 

Have a wonderful day!

A X 

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