6 today 

Today I am 6 years old on my Blipfoto app. This is the daily photo blip journal I do. The act of each day, with the odd miss, charting a photo of something from my day has been a good grounding for me. Imagine going through a day without having had the time to see one memorable thing! Of course we often think we have but in fact, armed with the thought of catching a blip, I see lots of things to snap. 

Some people keep diaries and I guess blip has become that for me. Two years ago the site almost went under as it tried to grow and found it ran out of cash. The members supported its salvation led by some blippers who now form a board. It’s a heartening story. 

Today blippers from around the world post their one maximum photo per day. It’s not fancy pants and has varying types of photographers & photography. I for one only use my iPhone. 

It is though a community that is global without barriers. Amen to that. 

If you pop on & try to find me, my blip journal is called ‘smilelikeabunny!’

A X 



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