There are many benefits in having a 5 year old. Being woken at 5am isn’t one of them. Flo has never been one for lying in. Truth is her average wake up time pushes towards a 6 rather than a 7. An 8 would be a gift from the gods. 

You could think that a 5am start might ruffle her feathers, cause her to falter on her day or evening and her body cave into the need for rest. Not Flora. She will bounce through the day bright eyed and bushy tailed and then declare the lack of any need whatsoever to go to sleep. Eventually one of her tired parents will lead her upstairs listening to one of her many tales whilst trying to lead her through her bedtime routine to bed. Here a story will be read and then, just as you try to leave, she will say ‘let’s do the three questions!’ This involves asking three questions of one another’s day in which I have to go first and then she follows with around seven questions! Her mother normally fails to leave, falling to sleep rather with her! I think this avoids the three questions game and has the added benefit of an earlier night that will later mean she can’t get back to sleep! 

In times like these I wonder how my parents looked after four of us and held down full time jobs! It is these people that deserve to be on the Queens honours list don’t you think?!

So, whilst Flora will bounce through her day, I will crawl through mine. A nagging ache to my head will accompany me, a gentle whisper that bed will arrive with the safe knowledge that she who knows best will again knock ‘quietly’ on our door in the pitch black early hours. 

Love comes in many forms. Currently it’s an exhausted one!

A X 

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