5am daughter o’clock

Good morning Campers. The other morning Karen & I were remarking on the early morning light at just gone 7am. Yes, Spring is around the corner and our return to blessed longer, lighter hours. I can confirm though that at 5am it’s still quite solidly black outside and is so for some time after that. There’s a paper to be written somewhere on why and how my dear and precious four year old continues to want to wake up at 5am more often than is preferable. The fact that she then goes into song for some time after that is an added bonus…

How does my daughter sing in the same voice that Vera Lynn mastered all those years ago? She holds the notes in exactly the same way. It’s remarkable. She’s taken to the name Flora Lynn very well. Even her hair is similar. 

I should add that I’ve always been a morning person myself, just not quite this early. I wrote both of my published books early in the morning being the time when I feel most creative. ‘The Birthday Gift’ in particular saw the earliest hours being written around Flora’s baby hours which were even more erratic than her current ones! 

At the moment my writing output for my books has slowed down. I’ve re-written ‘Being in a Band – Part 1’ but need to take some real time in fine tuning it. I’m aiming to do this over my Easter break meaning it’s launch will be slowed down. 

Behind this I have working titles for my grand quartet of books set over four decades from the 1930’s to the 60’s. To do this I need serious time and headspace, neither of which I will have anytime soon. Still the first paragraph remains written and a foundation of sorts is begun. 

If Flora continues with these early starts, I may just start the quartet earlier…

Have a fine day. 

A X 

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