4am & it’s Trump!

4am & it’s being called for Trump. Brexit & now this? The disconnection between the electorate and voters, the gap between what people feel and need versus what common sense ‘should’ dictate shows a simple message – People need to believe. Clinton has been in politics for 30+ years and the US electorate simply don’t, in a democracy, believe. 

We reap what we sow. Years of inertia will mean people cannot vote for anything other than change no matter how scary that might look. For the US voters tonight it seems it was far more frightening to trust the past where they see a fragmented society, than trust a businessman who wants to shake it up. 

Clinton is not out of this yet, but she’s got a window that is closing quick. Trump and change is the message that follows Brexit. What next?

God bless America. We need it. 

A X 

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