15 years of Fiducia 

It’s been 15 years since we started Fiducia and the many messages I’ve had pour in prompted this blog to say both thankyou and explain the why of Fiducia. 

We are blessed with our brilliant team and wonderful clients. Also the input of those of you who ask us to help your clients. Then of course our fine product providers. Fiducia is a sum of all its parts; its past, present and future dreams and aspirations. 

Over 15 years we’ve achieved great things in building a business literally from scratch and taking it through the choppiest of waters in financial services. In the commercial brokering world we have established a nationally recognised brand. We’ve met some amazing people and helped our clients with products that have built and protected their lifestyles. 

It’s had great challenges and over 15 years there are things I would change if I could. Overall though I’m extremely grateful. 

To all of you involved in our journey in any way, thankyou. 

Now to today and the next part of our journey and if we can help you with any financial advice across all the spectrum of residential and commercial, or a career with us interests you, get in touch. 


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